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The bright side of running an alpaca farm in the middle of a Pandemic

Jack Jack, says hello!
Wednesday March 18, 2020 we started our day by feeling a 5.7 magnitude earth quake. Seriously? As if we don't have enough to deal with. Today also marks one month since the W.H.O. declared Covid 19 a pandemic.

So how does that impact our small farm business? For one thing all farm visits have been halted until further notice. No farm visits equals, no visitors, no sales in the store. That is a big kick in the teeth.

On the bright side the farm and it's daily activities seem to flow along with a comforting rhythm.
Animals still need to be cared for. They still need to be fed and watered, the pens still need to be cleaned, sick animals still need to be treated. This has a grounding affect in the midst of chaos.

Another bright fact is that alpacas make your heart feel better. They are so happy and peaceful that it is hard to stay stressed when you are around them. This lovely life we have chosen has been such a true blessing in our lives. Be well my friends, stay safe.