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The poop stops here...

While cleaning the nursery this morning I spied with my little eye some runny poop spots. None of the crias will claim it. I wandered around for quite a while and can find no evidence of who is the owner.

No mess on anyone’s legs, no mess under anyone’s tail, nothing to give me a hint to who the little plops belong too.

Now what? I guess I become a super duper poop detective. Not my idea of fun! With 12 little crias running around there are lots and lots of suspects.

Do I have a game plan? No not really.

I could glove up and investigate each little suspect, up close and personal......not fun for anyone.
I could lock each cria up with its mom, one at a time and see what drops.
I could go out before dawn and turn the lights on and then try to watch each paca poo.
Hmmmm I guess the poop stops here...... Stay tuned I give you the scoop on the poop.......