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The Downside to Farm Tours

A wonderful day with visitors.
Today I was very excited to have 2 ranch tours scheduled. I always look forward to these visits because I love sharing our passion for alpacas and natural fiber farming with others.

Today turned out a little differently however. Not only did one tour fall through but both of them did in the form of no shows. We put a lot of time and effort getting ready for these tours. We have hot coco and cookies ready for our guests and a fire in the fire pit since it is chilly.

We understand that things come up and plans change but no shows with no heads up are frustrating. We plan our day around these visits and feel that our time is valuable too.

We have decided that from here on out we will require a 50% deposit fee to schedule a farm visit. This fee will be non refundable unless you call to reschedule or cancel your visit at least 3 hours before your scheduled time.

We promise that your visit will be wonderful and that you will leave with amazing memories.

On the farming side of things today we had to check all the boys for fighting teeth. Somebody in the group has been causing trouble so we really needed to get to the bottom of it. We found the offender out took care of the issue. Who doesn’t love a little impromptu dental work!

Tomorrow will be another day and another adventure.

I am grateful for this wonderful life and all the wonderful experiences it has brought into my journey. Until next time happy farming.