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How We Live

I heard something today that really resignated with me and I have been thinking about it non stop.
“It doesn’t matter WHERE we live, but HOW we live.”
That statement hit my heart and stuck.
How do we live, how do we move through our lives?
Does it matter if we live in a shack or a mansion?
What kind of person are we?

What about our space? Whatever our space is, how do we fill it? Do we live with purpose? Do we fill it up and make it our home, make it personal? Is it our haven from the world? Or it is a wasted space? Is our life a wasted life?

For me there are 2 sides to this thought;
1. How do we live our life?
2. How do we occupy our space?

I want to live my life looking outward in an expansive way. I want to serve others. In the past several years I have been in a very small place, always looking inward, at my problems, at the things I missed or were hurting me. I want to matter and be missed when I am gone.

My space has also been cold and empty, I haven’t been filling it up.
I want my space to be mine, to reflect me, I want to miss it when I’m gone, and I want to be excited to return to it when I have been away.

There is this lane that you must drive down to get to my house. That lane fills my soul and makes me excited to get to my place. It’s like this gate way welcoming me to back. But back to what? I have to admit that I have not done a very good job of making my space mine in recent years, I have only occupied it. I also have not been living outwardly and filling my life with expansive energy and love. I love where I live but have not slid into that personal place to make it mine. You don’t look around my home and see me. It’s a nice space and that is about it.....

That is about to change! I have finally come to terms with the things that have been holding me back in all aspects of my life, the things keeping me a stranger in my space. I can’t really describe it but it feels good and right, and time.

I know these first few blogs may seem a little heavy but they are actually hopeful and a kind of arriving at a peaceful purpose.

I am so grateful for my many blessings and for my father in heavens love. I am grateful for my trials and for my opportunities. I am grateful for this little farm and for the alpacas and chickens and horses that fill it. I feel like I am stepping through a door and I am so excited.........