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Welcome 2019 The Big 5

Well it’s a new year. With that brings new opportunities and new challenges. One thing I want to try is writing a blog. So here we go. I don’t really even know where to start. I guess maybe looking back a little bit and getting real about some realizations I have made. This blog will be a mixture of my wonderful, crazy farm life and my journey to improve short comings mixed in. We always see ourselves one way and the people around us see us another way. I am so thankful for my true friends that are willing to care for me in spite of myself and also are willing to let me know when I have crossed a line. It is a difficult thing to look in the mirror and take off ones blinders. It would be impossible without a safe circle of people that are supportive and true.

Over the past several months it has become very evident that I have some real work to do on myself as a person. I have come to realize that I have some really big short comings. I know we all do, but how often do we really confront this stuff.

My big 5 that I need to work on!

1. There are things I do too much. This stems from being insecure I think.
2. I sometimes come off as an insensitive know it all in a moment of try to help someone.
3. I can be super pushy and don’t really consider what other people have to tell me.
4. Too many excuses.
5. I have a hard time seeing past my own problems and looking at the big picture around me.

Wow that is a bunch of really negative stuff. And if that was all there was to me I would not want anything to do with me. Luckily there is a whole other side to me and hopefully the good out weighs the bad.

My big question is this, can we really change the negative stuff and do better, can we be better? I am going to believe that yes we can. This blog will be my journey down this road of self awareness with a lot of alpaca farm life thrown in. These alpacas are a force of good in my life and I am so grateful for them. When I am sad or hopeless they fill me up with light and love. They make me laugh and cry and help me to feel happy in the middle of it all. I know, I know this sounds kind of sappy and silly BUT I promise it is true!

Before I close this first blog, I want to acknowledge 5 good things about me.

1. I care. I do care about how I make people feel. I do care about helping people in need. If I didn't care, I would never even go down this road.
2. I love to do a good job and will put the time in that it takes to do well.
3. I love and am grateful for my Heavenly Father.
4. I really care about the animals in my care and want them to be happy. And want to help other people take good care of their animals as well.
5. I am committed to becoming a better person.

Stay tuned this should be quite a ride............