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CELEBRATING 17 years of Alpaca Experience.

Support the Vision

We have a Vision and a Dream!
It is to provide a sanctuary for our older farm residence. A place that they can live out their lives in comfort and safety. If you are interested in supporting this dream, go to the About Us link for more information or shop in the online store. All proceeds go to the welfare and support of our farm residence.

Thank You!

The Farm Store is Open for the Holiday Season. Every Friday and Saturday between now and Christmas, 11am - 3pm.

If you can't make those hours, check out our online store or give us a call and stop by anytime. Get a guided tour of the barns and alpacas with every $50 purchase.

Are - U - inta Alpacas
Schedule a Farm Tour and Educational Visits.

What we offer.
~Limited Alpaca sales in a multitude of colors.
~Alpaca breeding services for outside females to our own award-winning herd sires.
~Limited females offered bred or with a breeding to herdsire of your choice.
~Luxurious alpaca fiber products from our own herd.
~Occasional package deals & multiple breeding discounts are always available.
~An on-site Farm Store.
~Locate 50 minutes North of Salt Lake City..

Since my recent diagnosis of ms we will be downsizing the herd a bit. We will be selling some of our younger prime breeding stock. No older animals will be offered for sale.

We have worked diligently to choose our breeding stock from only the top genetic lines from all over the country. We focus on producing a very limited number of premium-quality alpacas with great temperaments, foundation breeding stock and, exceptional fiber animals. Our prices are reasonable and we are pleased to be able to offer payment plans. Every breeding and every addition to our herd is carefully considered with improvement in mind. We want each generation to be better than the last. We have carefully maintained a diverse group of bloodlines to avoid breeding ourselves into a corner where everyone is related. Our herdsires are all champions or award winners and our quality foundation females are the basis for our successful breeding program.