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Farm Visits/Shopping

Guided Ranch Tours

We appreciate your interest.

We offer fun, educational farm tours and experiences for the entire family.  


All the proceeds from our farm tours, classes and seminars go toward feeding and caring for our herd.  

There are several ranch tours to choose from.  See more information below.  


Alpaca Ranch Tour

This is our most popular tour.  In this tour you will learn all about alpacas, followed by the opportunity to tour through several of our pens and mingle with the herd.  This tour gives you much more time with the alpacas.   You will be able to feed and pet them if you would like.  We love sharing our passion and knowledge with our visitors. This tour will offer something fun for all your family and friends. This tour is approximately  1 - 1.5 hours.

Ranch tour rate is $15.00 per person.    Children 4 years and under are FREE.  All kids must have adult supervision at all times.

Please TEXT 801-660-0724 to set up your date and time, or email [email protected]

Meet the Alpacas Experience

This is the same tour we offer through Airbnb.  This tour starts the same as the ranch tour 2.  PLUS you will get the chance to take alpaca fiber from the raw blanket to a small finished piece of yarn. This is a hands on experience that our guests love.  This tour usually lasts 2 hours. 

Ranch tour rate is $25.00 per person.     Children 4 years and under are FREE.  All kids must have adult supervision at all times.

Please TEXT 801-660-0724 to set up your date and time, or email [email protected]

Alpaca Ownerships Visit

This tour is for serious buyers only. Uinta Ranch Alpacas has a wide variety of alpacas for sale. Whether you are interested in seed stock, champion show animals, fiber animals, or family pets we can help you.

We want to share what we have learned about owning alpacas with you, the pros and cons, the ups and downs. Avoid making classic mistakes by taking advantage of our experience.  There is no charge for this tour if you end up purchasing alpacas from us.  If not it is $15.00 per person. 

Please TEXT 801-660-0724 to request a time, or email [email protected]

Group Activity Tours

If you are part of an organization like a School or 4H, Scouts, Church Groups, Retired Groups, Special needs Associations, Family Reunions etc.  

Group activity tours will include a brief but complete history about alpacas, a craft if desired and of course an opportunity to meet the alpacas up close and personal. These tours need to be scheduled 1 weeks in advance.  Inquire about the fee. 

There is usually a $5.00 per person fee for this tour, depending on your needs.  There is a 10 person or $50.00 minimum for the tours.

Thank You!

Our Store, Uinta Ranch - Yarn and Artisan Goods

Always open by appointment.

If you are interested in shopping for socks, yarn, hats or other alpaca related items please TEXT us at (801) 660-0724 to set up a time.    Or visit our online store. https://uintaalpacas.square.site/

Open Barn Days

We will be holding several open farm days a year. These events will be announced on our Website www.uintaalpacas.com and our Facebook farm page https://www.facebook.com/Uinta-Alpaca Check back in for more information.


Uinta Ranch has 3 large Livestock Guardian Dogs on duty that protect their Alpacas. They do not like strange dogs, so please leave your dog at home. THANK YOU!


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