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Let’s us guide on your alpaca journey.

Free for clients and those with a desire to learn.

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Meaningful Mentorship and Education at Uinta Alpacas

As more people discover the enjoyment of raising alpacas for pleasure or business, proper education and guidance has become a very important part of the journey.

We have always enjoyed helping people learn the ins and outs and the does and don’ts of everything alpaca. Our mentorship opportunities are free to our clients and to anyone who has the desire to learn about these incredible animals. Early in our alpaca journey we wanted to be good mentors but honestly didn’t do a great job. From those early years a desire to be great mentors was born. Here are a few of the things that you can expect to learn as we mentor you.

Alpacas are not hard to raise but they are slightly different from other livestock and understanding that difference is an important part of a successful experience. Alpacas are also not very expensive to raise but understanding proper care nutrition is essential.

Alpacas are semi-domestic which means that they are not totally tame, they are however gentle and intelligent. They look very cuddly but the reality is that most alpacas do not enjoy snuggling. They are trainable and learn things fairly easily. They are dedicated herd animals and thrive in groups of 3 or more. Males and females should never be kept together in the same pen.

We offer hands on learning opportunities on our farm where Robert and Suzie will guide you through important management skills. See one, do one, teach one is a fun and effective way to learn. Some of the things that we will teach you will be daily care including proper nutrition, pen cleaning requirements, proper halter fitting, leading, halter training, foot care, teeth care, injection sites, and pasture management.

We will help you understand the difference between show quality, fiber quality and pet quality alpacas. We will listen to you and help you nail down the direction the you want to take in your alpaca journey.

If you are interested in our mentorship call Robert at 801-660-0876 or Suzie at 801-660-0724 or email us at uintaalpacas@gmail.com