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What does Guarantee mean?

We all have been required to take a company up on their guarantee from time to time. How often is it a complicated mess that leaves us frustrated and dissatisfied in the end.

Have you ever guaranteed something, an item you produce, a breeding animal, a live birth? What happens when all does not go well and you need to honor that guarantee. We all have been in this situation I think.

My question is how do we handle it and in what spirit do we honor it?

I have a Patagonia Down Coat that I wear to do all my farm chores in when it is cold. It has taken a beating and I have loved this jacket and patched it many times. I am wearing it in the photos that you see. You can even see one of my patches on my upper sleeve in the picture.

Patagonia has this amazing policy and will repair their products for their customers at no cost to you. It is am amazing service.

I had decided to send my jacket into Patagonia and have it repaired so I wrote the letter you see below to include with my jacket. I wanted them to know that I appreciate their products. As chances have it I was near their store in Salt Lake City yesterday and I had my jacket on. I ran in the store to exchange a fleece jacket I had just purchased on line. The person helping me spotted me in my beloved coat and said, "I see your coat has seen better days". I shook my head and said yes, is has, with a laugh. A conversation was begun and before I new it I was the owner of a brand new coat. They were looking to be of service. The spirit in which they do their business was really amazing. One funny thing that took me by surprise was at the moment I gave them my old coat, I got tears in my eyes. I really loved that old coat I guess......

Anyway, WELL DONE PATAGONIA! I will be a customer for life.

Dear Patagonia, Jan. 5, 2019
I am sending you my favorite coat, that I am wearing in this picture, in hopes you can give it a little more life. I am a natural fiber farmer that raises alpacas. Alpacas are the most ecofriendly of all livestock. The fiber from our animals is turned into wonderful hats, scarves, gloves, drier balls and many other wonderful things. I wear this coat most days, 3 seasons out of the year.
As you can see the seams along the sleeves are falling apart, which I can live with, but now the zipper has started to fail. If I am careful it will zip, but it is now having problems more times than not.
As a farmer we use repair, patch, and repair and patch again, before we give up on a useful piece of clothing. And this coat is by far my favorite and most valued piece of outer wear. I even wore it skiing the day after Christmas this year in the wonderful mountains of Utah. I did receive quite a few looks ?, as people looked at all my patches. I just smiled and told them how much I love my coat.
Please see what you can do with it. I appreciate your company and this wonderful service that you offer.
Best Regards
Suzie W. Radtke
Uinta Alpacas